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During 10 years of workshops we have developed a quality system based on 6 rules which guarantee useful meetings both for buyers and for sellers, and therefore a high satisfaction of all participants, that is:

1 – A fixed proportion between buyers and sellers is certainly the most known rule: – The March Edition of OUTgoing POLAND is attended by about 60 buyers; therefore only 25 sellers are admitted. – The October Edition is attended by 40 buyers and this limits the number of sellers to 20.

2 – The buyers invited to participate in the workshop are selected taking into account of the seller company profiles. Supply and demand will meet more easily.

3 – One week before the workshop, buyers and sellers can “see” and select one another in their reserved areas. The participants can select the meetings with the  support of the information provided by the system.

4 – On request, the Organizers help Buyers and Sellers to optimize their meeting agendas.

5 – Finally, but maybe it’s the first reason, who organizes OUTgoing POLAND has an in-depth knowledge of Polish tour operators and of the group organizers5

In order to participate in OUTgoing POLAND you must register your company. The registration result will be notified to all applicants. Registration is not a confirmation of participation. The Organisers reserve the right to accept or reject any registration. The Organizers propose two participation packages.

1 – Traditional Package, includes the following services:

Meeting agenda with online matching system,

Table and chairs inside the workshop room,

Lunches in the workshop days,

Coffee breaks during the workshops,

Discounted prices in the agreed hotels.

2 – Loyal Client Package .

The Loyal Package if you book two events during the 2018 you will benefit of an additional discount of the 10%, the 20% if you book 3 workshops.

During the registration process, select the preferred participation package.

Not more than 2 persons are admitted for each company without additional costs. For every additional participant, an extra cost of 100 euro must be considered.

It’s possible to pay the participation fee in two ways by:

  • bank transfer, our preferred system
  • credit/debit card through Paypal.


Bank Transfer

We strongly reccomend you to fill in the bank transfer form with the following data:

Beneficiary Company:

Company name: OUTGOING POLAND EVENTS    Street: ul. Ogrodowa 48/54   City: Warszawa   ZIP Code: 00-876   Country: Poland Vat Code: 7162675602

Bank references:

Bank Name:  PKO BP    Street:  Puławska 15      City:  Warszawa   Zip Code:  02-515   Country: Poland   IBAN: PL46 1020 1097 0000 7102 0306 4896   SWIFT/BIC:  BPKOPLPW     Bank Country: POLAND 

NB: please  fill in the form of bank transfer very carefully because the European rules are very strict. Oversights or errors may cause loss of time or money or the Bank Transfer rejection.


Credit/debit card trough Paypal

Click the button “Buy Now” > Enter the price in the box “Price per item” >

>  If you have a Paypal account enter ID and PSWD and login


>  click “pay with a card” button > fill in the “billing information” form


All kind of tourist companies from all around the world interested in the Polish tourist market should participate in OUTgoing POLAND.

Hotels, Incoming Tour Operators, Theme Parks, Transport companies, Regional and National Tourist Boards, and many other, should attend OUTgoing POLAND as sellers.

Even if your company already works with Polish tourist trade companies, you should take part in OUTgoing POLAND. This event is a great opportunity to improve your Polish business involving other tour operators and travel agencies.

A couple of weeks before the workshop each seller will see the registered buyers in its reserved area in “match your meetings” page.

The sellers may select the buyers who would like to meet and the buyers will do the same. Before the workshop, the system will setup the meeting agendas taking into account of the preferences of buyers and sellers.

The meeting agendas will be delivered at the opening of the workshop.

The seller companies, that will attend OUTgoing POLAND, benefit from the following privileges:

– Accommodation discount in the hotels where the workshop will take place;

– Pre-scheduled and on-site appointment sessions with buyers;

– Complimentary coffee breaks and lunches during the two days of the workshop;

– Window on Sellers in the Polish section of the OUTgoing POLAND website;

– Complimentary buyers catalogue.

Check in the Embassy or Consulate of Poland in your country if VISA is required to enter in Poland and if an invitation letter of workshop organizer is needed in order to issue VISA. In this case OUTGOING POLAND EVENTS can send it to you. In order to receive the invitation letter from the organizer you should send an e-mail to Gilberto Zangari  with the following data:

1. Surname and Name of OUTgoing POLAND  participant

2. Birth date

3. Nationality

4. Number of passport

5. Expiry date of passport

6. Company name

7. Position in the Company of OUTP participant

8. Information about the airline ticket: airline company, ticket number, departure and return date.

9. Confirmed payment of OUTP participation fee

10. Confirmed hotel reservation in Warsaw

When Mr Zangari will receive your email with all the information requested, he will send the invitation letter to the participant. For more information about visa, please check the following link:

1. General provisions

  1. These Terms and Conditions specify principles of participating in outbound tourism workshops OUTGOING POLAND (hereinafter referred to as Workshops) by foreign entrepreneurs from a widely understood tourism and event sector who are interested to win customers in the territory of the Republic of Poland (hereinafter called the Sellers).
  2. The Workshops are organized by Ewa Pac conducting business activities as OUTGOING POLAND EVENTS Ewa Pac with its registered office in Warsaw (postal code 00-876) at ul. Ogrodowa 48/54, NIP [taxpayer’s ID no.] : 7162675602, REGON [business ID no.] : 368943133 (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer).
  3. The Workshops may be attended by sellers being foreign entrepreneurs from a widely understood tourism sector, in particular tourism organizers (tour operators, travel agencies, youth tourism organizers), incentive organizers, professional congress organizers, travel agents, tourism agents, entities rendering hotel services, entities rendering transportation services in tourism, etc. The Workshops are not intended for Sellers being consumers pursuant to the provisions of the civil code.
  4. The Workshops take a form of meetings between Sellers and Polish entrepreneurs from a widely understood tourism and/or event sector who have been adapted to the Sellers on the basis of their business preference. The aforesaid entrepreneurs (hereinafter called Buyers) are interested to purchase the Seller’s touristic services in order win new customers in the territory of the Republic of Poland and start a business cooperation with them.
  5. The Organizer shall make sure the number of Buyers during each Workshop is proportionally higher than the number of Sellers.
  6. The information on the date, venue, duration and agenda of the Workshops are posted on the Organizer’s website pl as well as in the Organizer’s advertising and information materials.


2. Workshop application

  1. To participate in the Workshops as a Seller, it is necessary to file a complete application, enter contact data and make a payment for participation 7 days before the event at the latest.
  2. To file an application for participating in the Workshops as the Seller, it is necessary to sign up on the Organizer’s website via a relevant registration form (select Sign up as a seller).
  3. The Organizer confirms the application by sending a notification (generated automatically by the system from to the e-mail address entered in the registration form within 7 days after completing the form. In addition to confirming the application, the Organizer provides the Seller with a unique login and password to the panel serving to arrange meetings during the Workshops (hereinafter: the Panel).
  4. Upon confirming the application, the workshops participation agreement is concluded by and between the Organizer and Seller.
  5. The number of slots for Sellers in the Workshops in limited. Sellers who are to participate in the Workshops shall be selected by the Organizer at its own discretion. The Organizer reserves a right to refuse to accept the application for participation by the Sellers whose nature of business does not correspond to the nature of Workshops and who are consumers.
  6. By filing an application for participation in the Workshops, the Seller accepts terms stipulated in these terms and conditions, and undertakes to make sure its representative attends the Workshops in the specific place and time.
  7. To file an application for participation in the Workshops and use the Panel, the Seller is obligated to satisfy the following technical requirements:
  • Have a computer with access to the Internet,
  1. The Organizer shall not be held responsible for consequences of entering incorrect or incomplete data by the Seller during application.


3. Basic rights and obligations of the Parties

  1. The Organizer shall provide all Sellers with decent Workshops conditions.
  2. The Organizer shall secure the Sellers in the Workshops venue in accordance with relevant rules of law. The Organizer shall be obligated to choose the Workshops venue so that it satisfies all OHS requirements, fire protection regulations and sanitary rules.
  3. The Organizer shall not be held responsible for potential damage to Sellers caused during the Workshops, in particular damage, loss or theft of Sellers’ items.
  4. The Organizer shall not be held responsible for potential lack of expected results, particularly for failure to win customers by Sellers, failure to conclude agreements, etc. It also cannot guarantee the minimum number of meetings during the event. The purpose of the Workshops is to let participants establish new business contacts and exchange experiences, but the Organizer cannot guarantee such relationships. If some or all scheduled meetings are not conducted, it shall not be a reason for pursuing repayment of remuneration for participation in the Workshop.
  5. The Organizer shall not be held responsible for cancellation of Workshops or rescheduling or change of Workshops venue if the Sellers have been notified of such events 7 days before the Workshop’s date at the latest. This being the case, each Seller shall have a right to resign from participation in the Workshops and is entitled to full reimbursement of payment.
  6. The Organizer shall not be held responsible for cancellation of Workshops or rescheduling and/or change of Workshops venue if the above-stated are due to reasons beyond the Organizer’s control, particularly force majeure (i.a. strike, natural disaster, pandemics or epidemiological risk, terrorist attack or terrorist risk, etc.) or arise from the public authorities’ order. In such case, the Sellers shall not be entitled to reimbursement (entirely or partly), but they are entitled to the following:
    • If the Workshops have been adjourned and/or its venue has been changed – to participate in the rescheduled Workshop on another day and/or place without additional costs (aside from payment made),
  1. If the Workshops have been canceled – to transfer its booking into other workshop held within twelve months after the initial Workshop’s date at the latest. This being the case, the Sellers’ payment for participation in the canceled Workshops shall be reclassified to the payment for participation in the new Workshops.
  2. Every Seller who participates in the Workshops shall receive the Seller’s Benefit Package which includes the following:
    • a table in the room in which the Workshop is held, marked with the Seller’s company name and country of origin,
    • lunch and two coffee breaks during the event,
    • presentation in Polish on the Organizer’s website Preparation of the presentation is voluntary, the Organizer uses materials provided by the Seller to publish the presentation,
    • entry into the e-catalogue or paper catalogue concerning the specific Workshop of a maximum volume of one A4 page on the terms specified in the point 4 of these terms and conditions,
    • access to the Buyers e-catalogue concerning a specific Workshop,
    • discount for accommodation in the Workshop venue and provision of food during the Workshop on the terms specified in the point 5 of these terms and conditions,
  1. The Seller shall be held responsible for damage it has caused in the workshop venue.
  2. During the Workshop every Seller shall be obligated to follow these terms and conditions, show good manners and respect the order and discipline, otherwise it may be excluded from the Workshops without a right to refund and return of incurred costs, after prior reprimand.
  3. It is forbidden to record the Workshops by means of image and sound recording devices unless the Organizer has given its consent it this respect.
  4. The materials handed to Sellers as a result of participating in the Workshops are works defined by the act on copyright and related rights and shall be legally protected.
  5. Before the Workshop commences, every Seller shall be provided by the Organizer with an ID badge which shall authorize them to enter the Workshops and shall be obligated to return this badge after the end of the event.
  6. To advertise during the Workshops, it is necessary to pay a fee and obtain the prior approval of the Organizer as well as arrange payment terms.
  7. The Buyer authorizes the Organizer to use its image recorded due to the Workshop and transfers unlimited in time and territory rights to using the Buyer’s image to the Organizer (photographs, video and sound records) registered due to the Workshop, for the purposes of promoting the Organizer’s undertakings.


4. E-catalogue

  1. The Organizer issues an e-catalogue which concerns each Workshop and which provides information on Sellers and Buyers participating in the specific Workshop, but entry into this catalog is voluntary (hereinafter called E-catalogue). The Organizer shall provide the e-catalogue to all Sellers and Buyers. The catalogue may also take a form of hard copy (additionally or instead of E-catalogue and distributed to participants during the Workshops).
  2. A basic entry into the E-catalogue is free of charge. It includes Seller’s full contact details, Seller’s workshop participants data and Seller’s preferences with regard to potential customers.

An extended entry into the E-catalogue is subject to additional fee and may include additional information on the Seller, including advertising information. The costs of the extended entry shall be arranged with the Organizer on a case-by-case basis.

  1. The Service Provider shall be held legally responsible neither for the content of the entries into the E-catalogue nor potential offers used there.
  2. The entries into the E-catalogue shall not contain illegal contents, contents being at variance with principles of community life and/or good practices (in particular offensive, pornographic, racist, xenophobic contents, etc.) and violate third parties’ rights, including proprietary copyrights, trademark rights, image and personal rights. Sending the content of the entry in the E-catalogue by the Seller is tantamount to submitting the declaration on satisfying the aforesaid requirements.
  3. The Organizer reserves a right to refuse to enter Sellers into the E-catalogue if there is a justified suspicion that they fail to satisfy the requirements stipulated in the preceding paragraph, as well as when they are at variance with the Organizer’s policy or interests.
  4. If third parties lodge a claim against he Organizer on accounts of violation of their rights (in particular proprietary copyrights, trademark rights, personal or image right) due to entry of the Seller into the E-catalogue, the Seller undertakes to release the Organizer from any claims and rectify all damage caused to the Organizer on this account, in particular cover potential proceedings costs, including legal assistance expenses, settlement costs and value of compensation arranged in the settlement (if any).
  5. The entry into the E-catalogue and hard-copy catalogue may be made by the Organizer on its own, on the basis of the information provided in the registration form.


5. Accommodation and food in the workshops venue

  1. The accommodation costs shall be covered by the Seller on its own.
  2. The Organizer shall provide Sellers with an opportunity to pay a special price for hotel accommodation in premises of which the Workshops are held. The information on special offers are published on the Organizer’s website available here: in the section Prices and packages.
  3. The Organizer shall provide the Seller with free treat during the Workshops, that is either continual treat in the form of cold snacks and drinks or lunch. The information on this matter is specified in the Workshop’s agenda. Any costs of food purchased out of the Workshop shall be covered by the Seller on its own.
  4. Any costs related to Seller’s transportation to the Workshops venue shall be incurred by the Buyer on its own.


6. Arranging and conducting meetings

  1. 7 days before the Workshops start, all Sellers shall receive a list of Buyers (via the Panel) who satisfy their preferences entered when filing an application for participation. Sellers shall use the list to choose Buyers who they wish to meet during the Workshops, and put them in a specific order by their preference. Based on such selection, the Organizer shall arrange meetings during the Workshop and draw up a list of appointments. The final list of suggested appointments is handed over to the Seller in writing on the first day of the Workshop.
  2. The Organizer cannot assure Sellers that the minimum number of meetings with Buyers will be held, although it does its utmost to ensure the highest number of meetings and make sure they correspond to the business of the Seller as much as possible.
  3. The Organizer shall not be held responsible if the Seller is unable to meet the Buyer (even if the meeting has been arranged beforehand) provided the meeting was not held for reasons beyond the Organizer’s control (in particular for reasons attributable to the Buyer, third parties or impact of force majeure).


7. Payment and resignation from participation in the Workshops

  1. To participate in the Workshops, Sellers must pay a fee.
  2. The remuneration due to the Organizer on accounts of participation in the Workshops is specified in the price list available on the Organizer’s website in the section Prices and packages. The prices given are net prices and do not include any taxes, in particular value added tax.
  3. The Seller may choose a traditional package which assumes participation in one Workshop out of many available workshops or loyalty package which assumes participation in two or more Workshops in the workshop cycle. The Seller chooses the package when filing application for participation in the Workshop, that is when filling the registration form in.
  4. Unless the announcement on the specific Workshops available on specifies otherwise, the price of the package includes participation in the Workshop or Workshops of one representative of the Seller at the most. If more persons apply for participation, the price shall be increased by 100,00 EUR (in words: a hundred euro) per additional person per meeting in the Workshops (e.g. if the workshop includes two meetings in two different cities/towns, the extra fee for additional person shall be 200,00 EUR – 100,00 EUR per meeting in the Workshops).
  5. The Seller shall pay the remuneration for participation in the Workshops in advance after the Organizer has confirmed it, based on the invoice issued, to the bank account number specified in the invoice and by the deadline. In the event of a late payment, the Organizer may cancel the application.
  6. In the event of a late payment of the remuneration, the Organizer shall be entitled to receive interest rates whose value corresponds to the interest rates for delay in commercial transactions, as stipulated by the law of Poland.
  7. Lack of possibility to participate in the Workshop or resignation from participation in the Workshop, regardless of causes, shall not release the Seller from an obligation to pay a full remuneration and shall not be a basis for return of the remuneration or part of already paid remuneration by the Organizer. This being the case, the Organizer, at its own discretion, may suggest that the Seller participate in the Workshop at another time.
  8. The Organizer may change Workshop participants representing the Seller provided it has received a relevant notification 3 days before the Workshop starts at the latest.


8. Protection of Sellers’ personal data

  1. Personal data of the Sellers and their representatives shall be protected as stipulated by the Resolution of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 dated 27 April 2016 on protection of natural persons due to personal data processing and on free flow of such data, and repeal of the directive 95/46/CE (General Data Protection Regulation) (Official Journal of EU. L.2016.119.1 dated 2016.05.04) (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”).
  2. The Sellers’ personal data controller is the Organizer. To contact the Organizer, it is necessary to send a message to the following e-mail address:, or make a phone call: +48 22 227 09 96 or send a traditional letter to: ul. Ogrodowa 48/54, 00-876 Warszawa.
  3. The Sellers’ personal data shall be processed with a view to concluding and performing the agreement for participation in Workshops to the extent required to perform this agreement, including to collect and conduct applications for participation in Workshops, allow rendering service by electronic means, register as Workshop participants, create the user account on the website www.outgoingpolandeventspl, disclose data to other Workshop participants, publish data in E-catalog, handle complaints, provide accommodation in the Workshop venue, contact the Seller – the legal basis for processing data is a requirement to process them to perform the agreement whose party is the Seller or to undertake actions at the request of the Seller before the agreement is concluded (art. 6 para. 1 b) of GDPR).
  4. The Sellers’ personal data shall also be processed in order to fulfill the Organizer’s obligations arising from tax regulations (keeping tax books and tax records, drawing up and sending declarations and tax returns, issuing and storing invoices, etc.) – the legal basis for processing data is requirement to process them to fulfill legal obligations imposed on the Organizer (art. 6 para. 1 c) of GDPR due to provisions of the act dated 11 March 2004 on value added tax, and act dated 26 July 1991 on personal income tax).
  5. The Sellers’ personal data may also be processed in order to determine and pursue potential claims or defend against claims – the legal basis for processing data is requirement to process them to fulfill legally justified interests of the Organizer (art. 6 para. 1 f) of GDPR). The legally justified interest of the Organizer is a need to protect its rights.
  6. The Sellers’ personal data may also be processed for marketing purposes of the Organizer, including for the purposes of sending commercial information by electronic means directly to Sellers, sending the newsletter, displaying marketing content to Sellers, both not adapted and adapted to their preferences and interests. Due to processing Sellers’ personal data for marketing purposes, the Organizer in some cases may use profiling, yet it shall not take decisions on this basis which would result in legal effects in relation to the Seller or otherwise significantly affect them – the legal basis for data processing is Seller’s consent (art. 6 para. 1 a) of GDPR), possibly a requirement to fulfill legally justified interests of the Organizer (art. 6 para. 1 f) of GDPR). The legally justified interest of the Organizer is promotion of own offer.
  7. The Sellers’ personal data shall be stored until claims arising from the agreement for participation in the Workshop prescribe or until the obligation to store data arising from commonly applicable rules of law expire, in particular the obligation to store accounting documents (depending on which of these events occurs later). The personal data processed on the basis of reason of legally justified interest of the Organizer, particularly for marketing purposes, shall be stored as long as this interest remains existent, but not longer than until the Seller has withdrawn the approval to process them (when the legal basis for processing is the Seller’s approval) or until the legally effective objection to processing is raised. The data storage period may be extended in case it is necessary to establish or pursue claims or defend against them.
  8. The Sellers’ personal data shall be provided to processing entities which cooperate with the Organizer on the basis of written personal data processing agreements (e.g. accounting firm, company rendering IT services related to Platform maintenance, debt collection agency, marketing company, etc.) and which support the Organizer in the process of rendering services (e.g. banks, couriers, etc.). If it is necessary to establish and pursue claims or defend against them, the Sellers’ personal data may be disclosed to law enforcement authorities (e.g. the police), common courts, debt collectors or mediators.
  9. The Sellers’ personal data may be disclosed to other Workshop participants (under E-catalog of the Workshops, due to meeting arrangement) and entities which render hotel accommodation services (in case the Organizers books accommodation for Sellers).
  10. Aside from disclosing (under performance of the agreement for participation in Workshops) Sellers’ personal data to other participants of Workshops whose place or residence or head office is located out of the European Economic Area, and establishing or pursuing claims or defending against them, when the party is the Seller with its place of residence or head office out of the European Economic Area, the Sellers’ personal data shall not be disclosed to entities located out of the European Economic Area.
  11. Entering personal data with a view to concluding the agreement for participation in Workshops is voluntary but required to conclude and perform this agreement. If personal data are processed for marketing purposes, entering personal data is voluntary and shall not be considered as condition for using Organizer’s services.
  12. The Sellers shall have a right to access their personal data, correct or delete them (when there are no legal grounds for processing) as well as limit processing. To the extent in which the basis for processing personal data is an instance of requirement to process them to fulfill legally justified interests of the Organizer and in which processing occurs for the purposes of direct marketing, including profiling, the Sellers shall be entitled to raise an objection to processing these data. To the extent in which the legal basis for processing Sellers’ personal data is approval, the Sellers shall have a right to withdraw such approval, yet the aforesaid withdrawal shall not affect compliance with the right to process exercised on the basis of approval before it was withdrawn. To the extent in which Sellers’ personal data are processed with a view to concluding and performing the agreement or processed on the basis of the approval, the Sellers shall be entitled to transfer personal data, that is to receive personal data applicable to them from the Organizer in the structured and commonly used format intended for machine readout which may then be sent to another controller. The Sellers shall also have a right to require the Organizer to send their personal data to another controller, as long as it is possible. The Sellers shall also be entitled to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body responsible for personal data protection (in Poland: Head of the Personal Data Protection Office) if they decide that processing is at variance with the law.
  13. By registering their representatives for participation in the Workshop, the Seller is obligated to make sure these persons are informed about principles of processing these personal data to the extent specified in this point of the document. The Seller confirms that the aforesaid requirements has been met by making a relevant statement in the registration form. If the Seller makes an untrue statement, it shall be held fully responsible for potential illegal processing of personal data by the Organizer.
  14. Detailed information on processing Sellers’ personal data by the Organizer can be found in the Organizer’s privacy policy available here:


9. Complaints

  1. The Seller shall have a right to lodge a complaint in the event of a failure to perform or improper performance of the workshop participation agreement by the Organizer.
  2. The complaints shall be sent in writing to the Organizer’s address: OUTGOING POLAND EVENTS Ewa Pac, ul. Ogrodowa 48/54, 00-876 Warszawa or by electronic means to the e-mail address: ewa.pac@pl within 7 days after the end of the Workshop. Any complaints lodged afterwards shall not be considered.
  3. The Organizer shall consider the complaint immediately, yet not later than within 14 days after it has been lodged, and shall notify the Seller of the method of consideration.
  4. Complaint lodgment shall not prevent payment of the remuneration due to the Organizer.


10. Final provisions

  1. These terms and conditions shall become effective on  March 4th 2020.
  2. The Organizer shall be entitled to make unilateral modifications to the content of these terms and conditions. The modified provisions shall come into force on the day on which the modified terms and conditions are published on the Organizer’s website With respect to workshop participation agreements concluded before the modification is made, the provisions valid before the modification was made shall apply.
  3. These terms and conditions as well as related workshop participation agreements shall be governed by the law of Poland.
  4. To all matters not settled herein, the applicable law of Poland shall apply, in particular provisions of the civil code and acts on copyright and related rights.
  5. If several language variants of these terms and conditions are available, and if there are any discrepancies between these variants, the Polish variant shall prevail.
  6. Any disputes shall be resolved by the court having its jurisdiction over the Organizer’s head office.