During the years a lot of foreign companies asked our support for their entry in the Polish market. These companies were motivated by different reasons: to increase their popularity among the Polish tourist professionals, diversify their clients or start new business in this Country or other goals. Each of these requires a specific approach to the market and tailored actions.

For consolidating a business relationship, short meetings with potential clients often are not enough, it’s needed a constant care that is often difficult to maintain from the country where the foreign companies are based. For this reason we have implemented other actions aimed at maintaining a constant contact among the business partners.

The promotional and communication packages

Now we have organized these actions in five packages of promotional and communication services: Basic, Standard, Plus, Top and Super Top, that allow our clients to be present for one year long on the Polish market of organized tourism.

Already the Basic package allows you to know the Polish tour operators interested in your product and in your country. In this way you can focus your communication only on the potential customers by avoiding “scattershot”, or worse, to send your messages to companies not interested in your product.

The other four packages offer different levels of support from our side. You can implement the commercial action in a completely autonomous way, or we can accompany you to the doors of the TOs or Incentive Houses or, finally, we can completely replace your company in the meetings. No limits from our side on these strategic decisions.

The price of these packages start form 200 euro of the basic package.

You are interested to know further info about the five promotional packages please contact

Mrs. Ewa Pac ewa.pac@outgoingpolandevents.pl