About Us


Support the tourist companies around the world in promoting and selling their products and services in the Polish market.



Small operating size for maintaining agility and competitive costs. A large network of high-level professional partnerships in the strategic activities for the company development.

Create and organize a wide range of events in the tourist sector, with high added value for participants.




Each year we organise OUTgoing POLAND, the Polish outgoing tourism workshops. The event takes place in March in Warsaw and Poznan, in May in Gdańsk and Lódź and  and in October in Kraków and Wroclaw or Katowice. Participants , as buyers, are Tour Operators, incentive agencies while as sellers are Destination management Companies, Hotel, Hotel Chains or tourism promotion agencies all over the world.

In addition to collective events, we also organizes promotional actions tailored to the customer’s needs. The most known of these activities is the Tailored Road-Show.

We experiment and create new marketing approaches with original initiatives that raise the interest of companies looking for different approaches to the tourist markets.



We  use a wide range of resources for its businesses, including:

  • A powerful self-designed and customized software for workshop management

  • A database of more than 10,000 travel companies around the world, including more than 2000 DMCs.

  • A blog about the trend and the features of the Polish tourist demand. See http://outgoingpoland.pl/news-stats/

  • An extensive network of international partnerships both on a consultative and operational level.

  • The ownership of an internationally recognized brands: OUTgoing POLAND


Ogrodowa 48/54

00-876 Warszawa


NIP (VAT CODE) 7162675602


Gilberto Zangari

Key Client Manager


Ewa Pac

 Project Manager Polish Market

0048 22 400 3510