[:en]The key data of Polish tourism in 2018[:]

[:en]The GUS (Central Statistical Office of Poland) has published the data of the survey about Poles tourism of 2018. This info is based on a very large sample and the time series has reached the five-year period by which little erratic fluctuations, that frequently affect the tourism trend, are not so important.

From 2014 to 2018, Polish travel abroad increased by 25%: from just over 10 million to over 12 million. Even holiday trips abroad have grown: from 5.6 million to over 7 million, in this case the increase was, albeit slightly, even higher: 26.4%.

Polish travel abroad as a whole and for vacation.

2014 -2018. (.000)

Years Total Holidays, leisure and recreation  
2014  10.134  5.644
2015  10.906  6.239
2016  11.287  6.345
2017  11.958  6.571
2018  12.747  7.136
Growth Rate 2018-‘14 +25% +26,4%
Source: GUS

Vacations cover more than half of all trips, while VFR (Visit Friends and Relatives) and Business Trips account for 40%.

In 2018 three countries concentrated the 35% of Polish travel demand: Germany with 2.4 million trips, Italy with 1.055 trips and United Kingdom 1.031 million trips. Czech Republic follows at a great distance. However, there is a substantial difference among the 3 countries in the traveler composition. Watch the graph below.

Germany and England owe their ranking to the VFR category linked to the size of the Polish communities in these two countries. Italy, on the other hand, is in second place thanks to 800,000 holiday trips.

Let’s stay on the holiday topic, besides Italy, where did the Poles go on holiday in 2018? The following graph offers the answer.

The most interesting data of the previous graph are substantially 5:

  1. Italy constantly maintains its first position as favorite destination for Poles
  2. Greece took second place at the expense of Croatia.
  3. Three new countries, which in 2014 did not reach the minimum travel size to be considered by the GUS, entered the rankings: Albania, Morocco and Israel
  4. Russia has left the rankings.
  5. The „proximity” effect for Polish tourism is manifested in a rather weak way: Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and Austria occupy only the positions from the 5th to the 8th. In 2014 Germany was in 4th place.

In the next post I will analyze a little more closely how the preferences of Polish tourists changed from 2014 to 2018 as regards holiday destinations. I can already anticipate the title: „Winners and Losers„.

In the meantime you can read a couple of posts dedicated to Italy entitled „Love Story 1” and „Love Story 2„. Regardless of the „Italy” topic, I believe that the two small reports have a more general interest as they highlight how the action of players of organized tourism and an effective marketing can substantially influence the travel preferences of tourists.

Author: Gilberto Zangari

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