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Dear readers, I confess I have a little neglected this blog. The urge to publish some new posts was born when I saw that the GUS (Central Statistical Office of Poland) published the 2018 tourism data. I could not resist the temptation to take a look.

It is in fact the most authoritative source on Polish tourism, whose data are based on an extremely large sample, moreover the historical serie has reached the five-year, so that the frequent erratic fluctuations in the tourism phenomenon have little effect.

We can therefore respond with recent and reliable data to a key question for the international holiday industry, given the demographic weight of Poland: where do the Poles go on holiday? The following graph offers a first answer (we will analyze deeper in the next posts)

Source: GUS

Italy is in first position, followed by Greece, Croatia, Spain, etc. Over the time the places from the second onwards are object of competition: in 2014 in the second place, in fact, there was Croatia, followed by Greece and Germany. Italy instead is constantly stable in the first position.

The flow of Polish holidaymakers to the Peninsula from 2014 to 2018 has grown steadily, as the following graph shows,…

Source: GUS

….. maintaining the market share at 11%.

Market share of Italy in the Polish holiday market

2014 – 2018

2014                11,6%

2015                10,7%

2016                11,03%

2017                 11,2%

2018                11,3%

Source: GUS

It is a fact that between Italy and Poland there are many links, historical, cultural and religious affinity, but these numbers express a constant loyalty over time: a love story.Faccina sorridente emoticon Icone Gratuite


Author: Gilberto Zangari

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