[:en]From a new source of tourist info the confirmation of the positive trend of polish demand [:]


The impressive performances of the Polish tourist market push many to look at it more closely for searching confirmation of the current trends, also using different methodological approaches.

So far, we provided „fresh” information on Polish tourism demand thanks to the observatory of the Association of Polish Tour Operators (PZOT). Now a new player, with a more official nature, the Polish Chamber of Tourism (PIT), proposes an alternative source of information on the demand of organized tourism: its data are produced by the 3 leading Polish platforms selling tourist packages (namely Fly.pl, Travelplanet.pl, Wakacje.pl). The info covers the period 28 April – 31 August 2018.

Also, this new observatory sees the explosive increase in the demand for organized tourism generated by Poles „Based on the sales of the three platforms we can expect that the increase in the 2018 summer season will be over 40%.”

From the point of views of the destinations the novelty of the 2018 season is the great return of Turkey that pushes Spain to the fourth place followed by Egypt.

A special focus deserves Greece, the queen of tourist destinations, a third of Polish tourists selects the beaches of this Country. Unlike many other, Greece hasn’t a flag destination: Krete, Rodos, Zakynthos, Korfu, Kos strongly compete among them and other destinations, Greeks or Foreign, for maintaining their positions.

Competition, in the current Polish market, doesn´t mean offer the cheapest holiday, this would be a fatal error: only a restricted share of Polish tourists chooses its destination with this criteria only, besides this market segment is already controlled by other countries.

The position of Bulgaria in third place and of Albania in sixth indicates that demand for low-priced tourism products still exists but it’s no longer decisive.

Now the strategy must be based on the “value for money”. “Poles pay attention to the hotel location and quality, its amenities and to the food. They expect free wifi and beds on the beach and near to the pool and finally a rich range of excursions.

The full board is today a standard not only for Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia but requested also to the European destinations”.

It means that it’s time to offer more sophisticated products: wine tours, contacts with traditional producers, mini cruises, etc. It is time to discover own traditions and proposed them to the Poles who travel abroad.


Author: Gilberto Zangari

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