When does the Polish tourist book his vacation?

Let’s imagine we want to launch a promotional web campaign in Poland for our tourist destination, immediately arise several questions: what are the best days to display promotional messages? At what time is it better for messages to appear? and with how much advance do the Poles book their holidays?

The Polish Association of Tour Operators (PZOT – www.pzot.pl) with its reports, based on MerlinX data, helps to answer these questions. (All the pictures and the data of this post come from this source) 

Let’s start with the booking time. Two data are very interesting: about the 50% of Poles books their holiday less than 30 days before the departure. It must be noted that the percentage of “last minute” tourists decreased sharply from 2016 to 2017

On average, however, at least 2 months (66 days) will elapse from booking to departure. Given the presence of a 50% of “last minute” travelers, it is easy to estimate that an important percentage of Poles books 3 – 4 months before leaving for holidays

I assume that all of us are convinced (at least I was it) that the preferred days for booking holidays are Saturday and Sunday: the image we have in mind is the happy couple that hand in hand surfs the net and chooses the holiday destination. False! Look at the chart below. Only the 16% of holidays are booked during the week end, all the rest on working days, with a peak on Monday.

You don’t want to give in and you think “ok, the people books holidays on working days, but in the evening, at home, on the couch instead of watching TV”. False again! People books holiday sitting at the work desk.

The peak hours of bookings correspond exactly to the peak hours of work, from 11am to 5pm. In addition, this phenomenon tends to increase with the years: look at how the curve of evening hours from 2012 to 2017 becomes steeper.


Author: Gilberto Zangari

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