A glance on Polish winter holidays

Travelplanet, a leading Polish Tour Operator, from time to time publishes articles about the holidays of Poles. The last one is very interesting, it describes the market of organized tourism in this winter season from the point of view of a tour operator playing on many market segments.

I repost  only a part of the article (here the complete text) with some graphs of my production 🙂 .

The main destinations of polish winter holidaymakers


The ski holidays of Poles

35 percent customers of travel agencies chooses for this year’s ski holidays slopes and so much more than in the entire ski season (December – beginning of April 2017, this percentage was around 25 percent.) For trips to the slopes they pay about 1450 PLN (1€=4,2PLN  i.e 345,2€) . It’s 50 PLN more than last season.

The most popular ski destination is still Italy (48% of travel agents, paying an average of about PLN 1430 per person), but they clearly lose – in the last year’s holidays, almost 56% booked there.

Austria is second most traditionally. On the slopes of Tyrol, the SalzburgerLand, Carinthia or Vorarlberg, 24 percent of people want to scent. skiers (1580 PLN / person), booking white madness through travel agencies (20% for winter holidays 2017)

The main destinations of Polish skiers


The third most popular place are the Czech slopes. Here, almost 13 percent of skiers are selected – clients of travel agencies who pay less than PLN 740 per stay…..

Taking into account the expenditure incurred by the customers of the travel agencies choosing the Slovakian slopes (5%), it looks very similar: the average cost of the stay is 850 zł and the cost of the ticket is 750 zł.  However, the best Slovak resort, Jasna – Chopok has more than 50 km of pistes.

Czech Republic and Slovakia in the ranking of the ski popularity are in the same position of France, selected  by just over 6% of skiers.

The trip to the French Alps, is rather burdensome, and in addition much more expensive. The skiers pay on average 2660 zł for the fun of skiing. The much higher cost is a consequence of the fact that two out of three skiers fly by plane to the French slopes, while, over 90% of skiers still prefer to get to Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic or Slovakia with their own car.

Holidays on the beach: Canary Islands and Egypt

The increase in the booking of ski trips during the holidays (established until January 2, 2018) is 30%. compared to the same period last year and is significantly lower than the general increase in vacation bookings, which is as much as 54 percent. It is growing the popularity of winter holidays in a warm climate, which was decided by 65 percent of the clients of travel agencies.

The rate of growth of winter holidays in Poland


This is not surprising if the winter holidaymakers prefer do not ski and instead  spend their holidays in Turkey, most often all inclusive, or in Malta where they pay PLN 1100 – PLN 1200 per week flights included. It is a cost comparable to the prices to be paid for a child’s ski week  in Poland.

There is no surprise when it comes to preferences: the most popular, like a year ago, are the Canary Islands and Egypt (after 14 percent of the reservation) and Malta.

The tourists spend an average of PLN 2,600 for resting in the Canaries, in Egypt – about PLN 2,000 and Malta – PLN 1,200. In contrast to ski trips, in this case almost 100 percent of the offers include the food, 65 percent were booked in the all-inclusive option and only 15 percent with meals in the form of breakfast.

The latter formula applies mainly to exotic trips, which constitute 18 percent  of all reservations for holidays. The most popular are Emirates – about 2.5 percent. This is one of the cheaper exotic destinations  (the average booking is about PLN 4,000). The second in the ranking of the popularity of exotic destinations is Dominican Republic and Thailand (1.5% of all bookings for holidays, respectively, PLN 7,150 and less than PLN 5,300).

Author: Gilberto Zangari

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