The winners in the Polish organized tourism, 2014 – 2015

Recently, has published the update of the analysis about the first thirty Polish Tour Operators. Here the previous post about the same topic.

The ranked list of 2013 shows some differences compared to the 2015,  starting from the 5th position where Neckermann has been overtaken by Grecos Holiday. It’s possible to identify many other occurrences of this kind, scrolling down the list below.


It’s clear that, during the biennium 2014-15, something of relevant in the Polish tourist market is happened. Indeed the 2014 and 2015 were positive years for organized tourist demand, specifically the 2014: the demand increased of the 25% (see PZOT and this post), the 2015 was positive as well (+4,5%) but the growth wasn’t so strong like the year before. As usual, there was someone much more able than others to catch these opportunities.

Net Holiday has been the Polish TO most reactive to the new positive market conditions. In both of the two years analyzed it has increased the  turnover of about the 80%. Because of these performances it has climbed the rank of Tour Operators from the 13th place of the 2013 to the 8th position of the 2015. More info  about this company in this page (the comments of financial analysts). (Here the support for an acceptable translation Polish – English :-)) )

A second company that has benefitted of the general trend is Life Sport: +40% in the 2014 and +26% the following year. The company is specialized in winter tourism. Here the comments of financial analysts.



Last remark is dedicated to Prima Holiday: this young TO was the top over performer in the 2014, while the year after lost a lot of its dynamism, because of the crisis of Egypt and Turkey which, however, involved many  other players of organized tourism like Wezyr Holidays.

Among the top ten, the company which has reacted to the opportunity provided by the market in the most continuous way and with the highest ROC has been Raimbow, which still maintain the second position but has significantly reduced the distance from Itaka. The analysts grateful this company of very positive evaluations and forecasts (Here the comments of financial analysts and here the link to site).

Author: Gilberto Zangari

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