The packaged tours sold in Poland: the final result of the year 2015-‘16 and the best “20 “

Within 2 weeks the touristic year Nov 2015- Oct 2016 will finish and these last days of sales of tourist packages for sure won’t change the results of these twelve months, therefore let’s watch the final trend of the organized tourist market in Poland. As usual we will use the information supplied by PZOT (The Association of Polish Tour Operators) based on the data of Merlin X (Sabre).

The sales of tourist packages, week by week, compared with the same data of the last year, can be divided in three periods of time.



  • From the 42nd week to the 46th of the 2015, the sales were positive (the blue histograms are higher than the yellow line)
  • From the 47th week of 2015 to 26th week of 2016, the sales were lower than the previous year. Not by chance this modification in the attitude of Polish tourist started after the terrorist attacks of the last days of 2015. A  post of May highlighted this trend.
  • Finally, from the 27th week to the present, the sales are higher than the same weeks of 2015.

The final result of this discontinuity in the sales of tourist packages is showed in an effective way in the following infographic, extracted from the PZOT report.



Where the final result of this year -3,3% is analysed in relation with the means of transport. The little decrease of the global sales of tourist packages isn’t really relevant if we consider that in the previous 2 years this market is grown of about the 25%. An year of consolidation of the previous results could be expected.

Within the -3,3%, the means of transport show different trends: the flights lose the 5,18%, while the bus earn the 13,6% and the car, owned by tourists, increase of +6,5%.

The aircraft remains the absolute leader of tourist transfers with a market share of 86,4% followed by busses (7%) and cars (6,4%).

The reasons for the decline of the flights is easy to detect looking at the table below. It shows the place in the ranking of the most visited countries by the organized tourism. Before to consider the data of the table, it’s worth to remark four topics.

Rank of the most sold countries through tourist packages on the Polish market. Several weeks. 2016


  • First of all it’s important to keep in mind that the organized tourist market in Poland represents something between the 25 ad 30% of the tourist market. Probably the richest part of this market.
  • The country rank is a cumulative data: it takes into account of the sales of the previous weeks starting from the 42nd week of the 2015.
  • In the second row of the table is displayed the number of the week when the rank data has been surveyed.
  • The PZOT report considers only the first 20 destination countries. It means that, if we don’t display the rank of some country (for example Tanzania after the 13th week), the destination is fallen down under the 20th place.

After these premises I want to underline only some points, leaving to the readers ( if they exist.. 🙂  ) the pleasure to discover other elements of interest.

  • The group of the first 6 destinations is pretty stable: Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Egypt, and Turkey. They change their places but always remaining in the top positions.
  • The Islamic countries after the crisis, followed to the attacks, are showing some sign of recover: in the last weeks Tunisia is entered again in the group of the “20”, Turkey has gained 2 positions, more or less the same Morocco. Only Egypt shows difficulties to maintain its score.
  • The biggest positive performances belong to three countries: Albania, Croatia and Poland (yes Poland, it’s entered in the top circuit of organized tourism). We will see in detail these performances in other posts.
  • Finally, it’s interesting to notice that, even with some fluctuation, in the best “20 there is a stable group of 5 long haul destinations: Cuba, Thailand, UAE, Cape Verde Islands and the Dominican Republic.


Author: Gilberto Zangari

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