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ITB World Travel Trends 2015/2016 has been just published and reports the conclusions of 23rd World Travel Forum of PISA (ITALY) held in October 2015 where about 50 international experts of tourism join for discussing the main issues of tourism with the cooperation of European Travel Commission. I suppose the main outcomes of the conference can be interesting for the followers of the posts of OUTgoing POLAND. and I will publish some abstract of the conclusions (if you are interested in the complete report click here)

The posts aren’t specifically devoted to Polish Tourism (with some very interesting exception) but it’s easy to recognize phenomena affecting also the Polish tourist demand.

City trips are the fastest-growing part of the international leisure travel market as Europeans, Asians, North and South Americans head for attractive destinations in nearby countries and also overseas. International tourist numbers to North America recorded a 3% increase following a 10% growth last year. Inbound tourism to the United States was affected by a stronger currency but both Canada and Mexico enjoyed strong growth.

City trips soared by 82% between 2007 and 2014 to reach a 22% share of all holidays, according to World Travel Monitor® figures. This strong increase has been driven by cheap flights and low-cost accommodation as well as new attractions and activities. The key motivations for city trips tend to be similar around the world, research shows. These are mainly sightseeing, enjoying the city atmosphere, shopping, eating out, and visiting cultural attractions.

Significantly, this strong growth is a worldwide phenomenon that is not restricted to mature markets such as Europe and North America. Growth rates are even stronger in emerging markets such as Asia Pacific and South America, where this segment now has a higher share of total outbound travel than in the first two regions. City trips now comprise almost one fourth of all international holidays for travellers from Asia Pacific and South America, World Travel Monitor® figures show. In comparison, they account for almost one fifth of trips for Europeans and North Americans.

In Europe, city trips grew to about 20% of all holiday trips last year from about 15% in 2007, World Travel Monitor® figures show. In 2014, Europeans made nearly 70 million city trips to international destinations, a 60% rise on 2007 which corresponds to 7% per year, and booked about 400 million overnight stays. Traditional city trips dominate the market with a share of nearly 75% while one quarter of all trips are combined with visits to friends and relatives.

In Asia Pacific, city trips increased from about 15% of all holiday trips in 2007 to about 25% last year, generating more than 30 million such trips in total. This strong growth reflects in particular the dramatic increase in the number of Chinese people going on international trips, many of them on short trips to cities in Asia.

In South America, city trips increased their share of outbound holiday trips by nine percentage points to more than one fifth last year, representing more than 4 million city trips. This strong growth on a relatively low base mostly reflects the rise in international trips to other cities within the region. Regional travel by South Americans to Brazilian cities for the football World Cup championship was a particular factor in 2014.

In North America, city trips had a share of less than one fifth of the outbound holiday market in 2014. This slightly lower figure compared to other regions is largely due to geography as many major outbound city destinations are long-haul trips from a North American perspective. European cities, for example, are especially popular with US and Canadian tourists.

Author: Gilberto Zangari

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