European Travel Trends 2015 / 2016

ITB World Travel Trends 2015/2016 has been just published and reports the conclusions of 23rd World Travel Forum of PISA (ITALY) held in October 2015 where about 50 international experts of tourism join for discussing the main issues of tourism with the cooperation of European Travel Commission. 

I suppose the main outcomes of the conference can be interesting for the followers of the posts of OUTgoing POLAND and I will publish some abstract of the conclusions (if you are interested in the complete report click here). The posts aren’t specifically devoted to Polish Tourism (with some very interesting exception) but it’s easy to recognize phenomena affecting also the Polish tourist demand. 

Europeans travelled abroad in good numbers in 2015 and will keep travelling in 2016 but could favour safer destinations amid continuing conflicts and attacks around the world. The number of outbound trips made by Europeans increased by about 4.5% over the first eight months of this year. This once again represented good growth following a rise of 3% in 2014 and similar single-digit growth rates in the last few years. 

However, demand for different destinations fluctuated strongly this year, with some countries in southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East suffering in particular. Overall, European outbound travel grew by about 8.5% from 2007 to 2014, reaching a total of 444 million outbound trips last year. During this period, Western Europe’s share fell back slightly to just over 40%, Northern Europe’s share weakened slightly to under 25% while Eastern Europe grew to over 20% of the total European outbound market. About 85% of inter- national trips made by Europeans are to destinations within Europe, according to World Travel Monitor®   figures.

Like elsewhere around the world, Europeans are going on more city trips and booking more up-market hotels. As a result, the average length of a trip dropped to about 8 nights in 2014 from around 9.5 nights in 2007. Spending is slightly higher at around 105 euros per person per night but slightly lower per trip at 825 euros per person due to the shorter average length of the trip, according to World Travel Monitor® figures. Online bookings reached about 65% last year while travel agency bookings dropped to about one fifth.

Looking ahead to next year, IPK currently predicts a 2.8% rise in European outbound travel, based on its European Travel Confidence Index which measures travel intentions for the next year. According to the index, 70% of Europeans are looking ahead positively and want to travel at least as much in 2016 as this year. Confidence is highest in the UK and Spain (both +6%), Poland (+4%) and Germany (+3%), indicating good growth ahead for those source markets next year. In contrast, French consumers are only slightly more optimistic about their travel intentions for 2016, while confidence is lower in Russia and Italy (both -2%).


Author: Gilberto Zangari

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