The Polish demand of package tours 2015. The final forecast

[:en]Source: PZOT – MERLIN X (SABRE Vacances)

In the middle of August 2015, unless catastrophic events, it’s possible foresee that for the second year there will be a growth in demand for Polish travel agencies. In June 2015, compared with the same month of the last year, the sales grew by 7.2%, while in July the performance was less strong (+ 2.1%), but still positive. Overall sales from October 2014 till July 2015 increased by 4.5% compared to last year.

Air flight is the overwhelmingly means of transport (87.1%) compared to own car (7.2%) and busses (5.7%). However it is interesting to note that while the first two carriers have more or less maintained their market share, the bus has grown very significantly marking a + 22.6%.

This figure confirms a strong preference of the Polish travelers for continental destinations. Infact, apart Croatia and Austria, all European countries have increased the number of Polish visitors. The bus is also the carrier chosen by the travel groups and this probably has been the way in which a relevant part of the new Polish tourists entered in the holiday market (see post of 20 May 2015) A final remark about the holiday prices. The following tables don’t put in evidence a „desperate” seeking of the best price by Polish tourists.

The two countries with the highest price per person (Spain and Portugal) are in the third and in the eighth place in the rank of the most vsited countries, the cheapest destination, Croatia is only 9th while Greece and Turkey, that are the leading destinations are located in the average band of prices.

Author: Gilberto Zangari

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