Trend of Polish tourist demand vs the main European Countries



In the 2013, only Polish tourist market showed a very positive performance among the big EU countries: the tourist demand is increased of +8%, while  all others remained in the same position or decreased (Italy -14%)  

The effect of the previous perfomance is that Poland is fastly approaching the volume of tourist flows generated by the main countries.

In the 2012 the percentage of Polish travellers on resident population was 47,9%, in one year only (2013) this data is jumped to 52,1%.

This big wave of new comers in the Polish tourist market has pushed up of the same percentage domestic and outbound tourism. The population share that has choosen between domestic or outbound holidays remained the same of 2012. It’s relevant to notice that the 28% of the Polish population takes holiday outbound: the 17%  holidays outbound only and the 11% both domestic and outbound.

An additional data provided by Eurostat regarding the Polish tourist demand is related to the traveller age. The new 400 thousand tourists who prefer outbound holidays  in 2013 are mainly  joung adults (35 – 44 y. o.) and adults (over 45 y.o.) while the younger generations have selected other destinations.

Author: Gilberto Zangari

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